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What's a Jacqueline Mifsud?

She is a comedian, actor, writer and TV and radio host.

Jacqueline developed her comedic style and quick wit over four years while working as a tour guide in Paris. She performed three-hour-long walking tours around the city of light, mainly for backpackers and the occasional dipshit.

As she was paid only in tips, Jacqueline quickly learnt how to read an audience and use humour to make enough money to pay rent (and buy baguettes and bottles of vin rouge). She struck a balance between education and entertainment, while competing against pickpockets,
street-performers and Starbucks.

Now based in Melbourne, Jacqueline travels about doing jokes whilst trying to figure out which beers make her wheezy.

Come watch her perform or break out in a rash, either way it will be entertaining... and kinda gross.

Scroll down to see all the cool shit she's done! dammmnnnnnn guuurrllll


JOY94.9 | Jacq and Dene | 2017 - Present

Host (Tuesdays 4pm - 6:30pm)


Tennis Australia | The Wildcards | 2018

Host, writer

Working Dog | Santo, Sam & Ed's Cup Fever | 2018

Production assistant

Warm up comedian

Ch 10 Pilot | Fun Times with Simon Taylor | 2018

Zenjoy Limited | Cash Show | 2018


Foxtel Pilot | 2016


RMITV | The Leak | 2016​

Host,Writer, Performer

Fox Footy | Bounce | 2016​

Warm up Comedian


New Zealand Fringe l | SplitAF | 2019

Split show with Annie Louey

Fringe at The Edge of The World | Perfect | 2019

Writer, director, performer: WINNER - BEST OF THE FEST!

Melbourne International Comedy Festival | Perfect | 2019

Writer, director, performer

Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 2018

Stand up spots in various venues

Melbourne International Comedy Festival | Be Better! | 2018

Writer, director, performer

Perth FRINGEWORLD | Sink Full Of Forks | 2018​

Writer, director, performer

Melbourne International Comedy Festival | Sink Full Of Forks | 2017

Writer, director, performer

Melbourne International Comedy Festival | The Anglophone and other offensive Instruments | 2015

Writer, director, performer

Melbourne Fringe Festival | The Anglophone and other offensive Instruments | 2014

Writer, director, performer

Melbourne Fringe Festival | We'll always have Paris | 2013

Writer, director, performer


Belong Mobile | It's a dataful life | 2017

Lead Actor

Fox Footy | Mobile App | 2016

Lead Actor

Group Hug Creative | Momentum Energy | 2016​

Lead Actor

Corporate Functions

Belong Mobile Launch Party| 2018


La Trobe Student Union Gala Awards Night | 2018


Women of Wit | 2018



Savant Garde Productions | The Couchening | 2017

Lead Actor


RMITV | Different Similaries | 2018​


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