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What's a Jacqueline Mifsud?

Jacqueline Mifsud is a French speaking Maltese-Australian award-winning Comedian & Compere known for her unique quick wit, high energy and uncensored inner monologue.

She’s performed all over Australia and overseas in Edinburgh, France and New Zealand as well as entertaining television audiences for ABC’s Q&A, Channel 10’s Would I Lie to You and Fox Footy’s Bounce.

In September 2023 Jacqueline ended her lease, sold her furniture and packed her life into a suitcase to hit the road on her self-produced National tour with her hit show 'The Full Mifsud' 

Click HERE to experience the insanely funny celebration of embracing your true self and living life on your own terms! (even if you’re a spicy brained lil’ freak) 

Australian-Maltese Stand up Comedian demonstrates her flexibility and humour as she leans back with a funny expression
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