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Interview: Herald Sun Q&A

What can people expect from your show at this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival?

Some gosh darn silly fun with a lot of heart. I’ll make you fall in love with me then i’ll break your heart but we’ll all be ok and better off for having lived through it. xx

If you’re new to MICF, tell us about you. If not, tell us what you’ve been up to since last time you were here.

Well, heck! After MICF 2018 I slept through most of May and tottered off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time and made people laugh and quite seriously made a few audience members cry - it turns out no one likes dead dog stories no matter how bizarre they are! I sauntered over to Paris, which was my home for 4 years in my 20s and had a very fun time! Upon my return to Melbourne I had to move out of my flat because my neighbour got back on the gear and went loopy so I house sit for my parents from Sept - Nov and started writing my brand new solo ‘ Perfect’ . I was looking after my 14 year old cat and spent most of my money on her dental bills. The vet asked If I wanted to keep the 4 teeth they extracted and I thank you. On Christmas day I cried because everyone wanted to watch Love Actually and it made me sad because I was the only single person at Lunch then I yelled about how no one understands what it’s like to be me which was wonderfully dramatic!

I swam over to Hobart in January for the Fringe at the Edge of the world Festival and ended up winning ‘ Best of the Fest’ I’m still not entirely sure what it means but I’m very happy about it!

I’ve been pretty much working on my show constantly and hosting my radio drive show ‘ Jacq and Dene’ on JOY 94.9 In March I’ll be travelling to New Zealand for The New Zealand Fringe and then straight back into my run at MICF….was that too detailed?

Spruik it! Who should see your show, and why?

My show is for anyone who’s had a shit run at dating and relationships. Who hates all the disingenuous aps and refuses to be ‘anyone’ while searching for ‘someone’

Being single in your 30s is a tricky time, there’s a lot of pressure and expectations and the timer on your uterus is about go off!! It’s easy to feel like you’re behind the 8 ball. The other day I saw a fully grown man blow his nose on the inside of his shirt and I thought ‘ You know what? I’m actually doing ok!”

And for anyone who enjoys obscure references and maths puns!

What's your No.1 tip for people coming to see a show at the comedy festival?

Be respectful! Don’t eat during a show, Do not leave to go to the bar to get another drink during a show ( real thing that happened to me) Don’t roll a joint during a show ( yep, that also happened!) Don’t speak during the show, it’s not about you, we haven’t worked hard to painfully craft our show and timing for you to interject because you think you’ve got a baffling, elated self of importance.

If you like a show tell EVERYONE!! Tweet and Post about it EVERYWHERE using the comedian’s social media tags. It really helps!!

Umm Drinks lots of water but not too much that you’ll have to piddle during a show.

Go see someone you haven’t heard of! There are so many talented acts out there !

Which other comedians/shows are you keen to see at this year's festival, and why?

Oh dear, there are so many!!

Annie Louey - Before I forget

Sonia Di Iorio - Glory box

Kirsty Webeck - Chipper

Rohan Ganju - Ganju dig it?

I’ve got tickets to Maria Bamford and I’m absolutely stoked!!

If you've been to Melbourne before, what stands out to you about the city and/or its people? If not, what are your first impressions or what are you expecting it to be like?

Not to be a cliche wanker but I’ve travelled a lot and still believe that Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world. I love our restaurant and cafe culture and our funky lil’ laneways and street art!

Who or what is your comedic inspiration, and why?

Hmmm a combo of things! I grew up watching a lot of British Comedy like Blackadder and Month Python which is probably why I like my comedy silly and witty. I also love/d Lucille Ball she’s hilarious and her physicality is incredible!

I also am a big Eddie Izzard fan, I just listened to his audiobook and love his scatterbrain style, he talks about thinking ‘sideways’ and that is something I definitely identify with, my head is a jumble of thoughts which adds to my somewhat manic like delivery. I always thought you were supposed to be a ‘polished’ performer but I’m not a polished person. You gotta work with what you’ve got and what makes you, you or else any Tom , Dick and Sally could do your gear!

Anything else you want us to know about you or your show?

Everyone needs to know that I speak French, it helps me justify not having a house or a car or a partner :-)

My show involves me reading old love letters from my exes they are very personal and funny.

Almost everything gives me a rash.

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