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  1. Good Chat Comedy Club, Brisbane QLD

  2. Sol Bar, Maroochydore QLD

  3. Bergy Bandroom, Melbourne VIC

  4. Newcastle Comedy Club, Newcastle NSW

  5. Clubhouse Comedy, Hobart TAS

  6. Gang Gang Comedy, Canberra ACT

  7. Dirty Angel Comedy, Warrnambool VIC

   8-16 Catfish Comedy, MICF2024 VIC

Jacqueline Mifsud’s definition of success has nothing to do with money, status or fame, it’s a lot simpler, more enriching and will change the way you think about your life.

Jacqueline Mifsud refuses to ‘settle down’ in every interpretation of the phrase. 

On her 38th birthday Jacqueline reviewed her life, after trying and failing to live the life she was supposed to want (the partner, the kids, the house blah blah blah) She vowed to spend the remaining 2 years of her 30s living the life she’s dreamed of. Mifsud ended her lease, sold her furniture, culled her belongings down to one suitcase of essentials and hit the road on a self produced national tour!

Her Goal? To perform 40 shows before 40!

This high energy, ferociously funny, physical & fiercely independent comedian has a smart mouth and low tolerance for bullshit, she’s doing what she loves, she’s going 'all in' or as her fellow comedians say “she’s going ‘The Full Mifsud’ ”

From her Maltese heritage, her struggles with body image & mental health to her life in Paris in her 20s and the quirks of being single and self-employed in your 30s, Jacqueline is going all-in in this inspiring and insanely funny celebration of embracing your true self (even if you’re a spicy brained lil’ freak) and living life on your own terms.

Jacqueline Mifsud is a French speaking Maltese-Australian Muay thai kicking award winning comedian known for her unique quick wit and uncensored inner monologue. Mifsud has been razzlin’ & dazzlin’ audiences around Australia for over a decade and Internationally at the Edinburgh and New Zealand Fringe festivals with her signature frenetic, hyper-verbal and joyously weird style that will have you squealing with euphoria and wheezing heavily.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ “extremely funny…a must-see event” - Theatre Matters

⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Her energy is captivating, truly making watching her up on stage         something so incredibly joyful and comforting.” - Theatre travels

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