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Review: - Sink Full of Forks - MICF 2017

By David Collins

Positioned under starkish light at the end of a room where one-too-many things have been painted white, windows blacked out in an earnest being held for random-esque way, Jacqueline Mifsud performed her stand-up routine, Sink Full of Forks.

Over an entertaining near-hour, Jacqueline took herself gently apart for a hilarious bout of self-examination – including four years spent living in Paris, the recent return to Australia, or investigating/interrogating her lovelife. The content was great, with Jacqueline demonstrating an amazing ability to pivot mid-sentence without letting the energy drop or even pause.

Whether an accidental prompt from the audience in the middle of a story, or just garbling the occasional word herself, it would all get folded into the mix. There was a real sense of a coherent story being told, meaning the audience were engaged as well as letting out a chortle or two. Sink Full of Forks is a petite work that deserves an audience.

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