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Review: - Sink Full of Forks - Perth FRINGEWORLD

By Morgan Riley

At some stage between 23 and 35, it’s perfectly reasonable to question your life choices up to this point.

Even if your life is working out great, it’s human nature to panic a little every now and then when someone you know has a baby or gets married or negative gears their second house.

Jacqueline Mifsud has taken this feeling to its utter limits in her FRINGE WORLD Festival debut show Sink Full Of Forks, and the result is a hilariously relatable look at life as a single 30-something with no car, no boyfriend, and no baby on the horizon.

In a style that seems to be her signature Mifsud’s mouth is often quicker than her brain resulting in ad-libs that provide a quick entertaining peek into the psyche of someone terrified of not making the most out of life.

She tells quirky tales of heartbreak and self-empowerment that are common fodder for comedians.

Yet her incredibly quick wit, clever use of physicality, and unique way of looking at the world bring a fresh (if sometimes twisted) take on the daily struggles of life.

Mifsud’s show feels like time has stopped in the middle of an anxiety attack, and it won’t restart again until she figures out what her life is all about. But who cares as long as she has a couch and enough blankets to become a burrito?

Jumping quickly from nostalgic stories of her time as a tour guide in Paris, eating pizza with drug dealers and working for measly tips, to all the reasons she hates office small talk, Jacqueline Mifsud will have you on your toes – and laughing along – the whole time.

Jacqueline Mifsud is a regular on the Melbourne comedy circuit and appears on TV and radio on the east coast, but this is the first time Perth audiences have been able to catch her full-length show.

Keep up with Mifsud’s nervous energy and left-of-centre pop culture references if you can in her brilliant Perth debut.

Sink Full Of Forks, playing a short run at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den during FRINGE WORLD Festival, sheds a new light on sex, relationships, travel, and single life and is perfect for fans of slightly edgy comedy.

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