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Review: Funny Tonne - Perfect MICF 2019

Mifsud is like a machine gun with a rubber band attached around the trigger…

Or maybe a grenade that explodes quicker than you expect and comes at you from all different directions…

Look – Jacqueline Mifsud is a weapon.

Mifsud speaks primarily about her love life, her shortcomings and the shortcomings of the men she interacts with.

Her style is unlike any other. Every sentence is said in a different voice by a different character. Bring along one of those radar speed guns and you’ll clock her doing over 220kph as she zips around the unique stage with vibrancy and ease.

The best bits of the show are when she lets that wall of character and performance come down and is real with the audience.

Mifsud should never fear anyone copying her style. No one can do what she does.

Reviewed by Chris Heaslip

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