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Review: Melbourne Observer - Be Better! MICF 2018

Review of be Better! By Lyn Hurst

This year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival featured Jacqueline Mifsud in her fourth one-woman show, Be Better! at the National Trust building, Tasma Terrace.

Jacqueline is a young, energetic comedian with a lot to say about how the people of the world can do everything ‘better’.  She is proud of her Maltese heritage and doesn’t apologize for being loud. Her clever, honest and open accounts of growing up in a Maltese household are delivered with great aplomb and the laughs keep coming. Her demeanour is shaped by this upbringing and she acknowledges the ‘scream and/or clean’ nature of her heritage, has created an internal persona much akin to a blue-ringed octopus.

Her hilarious accounts of how this octopus manifests itself in her interactions were enhanced by clever lighting techniques.

Jacqueline is a confident, high-energy performer who sets high standards for herself. She questions why other people are so disrespectful and lack compassion. She self-imposed the notion ‘to put others’ happiness before her own’, when she was very young. She quite rightly conveys that we should justify only our own actions, respect others, be pro-active – Be Better!

This one –woman show is uplifting for the spirit and Jacqueline’s honesty and openness is cleverly articulated to all. She is one of the better comedians performing at this year’s festival.

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