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Review: Stage Whispers - Perfect MICF 2019

Perfect is the new show by the up and coming talented and eccentric comedienne Jacqueline Mifsud. A defiant and self-righteous zany personality, she is determined to make her audience laugh at her and with her while she bursts open her cathartic bubble of life as a single thirty-three year old woman.

Perfect is a reflective show, sharing previous experiences such as her teenage love letters, breezing through her twenties and now finding herself embracing her single life much to the dismay of her married friends with children. Mifsud is self depreciatingly honest, up front and brazen about her current single life, bouncing around in her whimsical pseudo “where’s Wally” attire, while appearing to be shedding her previous life that she seems to be yearning to leave behind and get on with living as a free agent.

Her quick and repetitive delivery can be hilariously funny and sharp as she meanders her way around her own personal self-improvement, from wearing her boy shoe size sevens and her battles with friend-enemies in wise cracking fashion; poking fun at her own self confidence through to her ‘nuffy’ choice of spectacle frames and her smarty triangular wordplay, because she is huge on alliteration because it’s her meditation. She is super fast and if you blink, you just might miss the punch line and it won’t matter anyways.

by Flora Georgiou

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