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The 20 Hottest Picks of 2017s Huge Melbourne International Comedy Festival

By Cam Tyeson

Jacqueline MifsudSink Full of Forks

March 28th – April 8th, Tasma Terrace

Some people learn the craft of comedy by endlessly drudging through the murk of an open mic scene. Some learn how to perform at a visual arts school.

Jacqueline Mifsud did it by hosting 3-hour walking tours of Paris for 4 years.

Sure to feature heavily in this year’s RAW Comedy proceedings (touch wood), Jacqueline’s quick-fire, rapidly-delivered wit comes at you like a freight train. A show that, like the movie ‘Speed,’ cannot slow down is a difficult thing to pull of, but Mifsud’s knack for observation and machine-gun like delivery knocks it out of the park.

One of those true “see it before she blows up” types. Get in now, so you can say you were there when.

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